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About Us


Little Nut, Tricia Keffer and Big Nut Pat Keffer (Mom) are the FOUNDING NUTS of Black Walnut Tees. They do have help from assorted nuts Joe (dad) and brother Joey. The older nuts are West Virginia natives who grew up  knowing the joy of gathering Black Walnuts. After traveling the globe in service of their country and mankind, the FOUNDING NUTS hit upon the idea of using black walnut stain to create a dye that not only celebrates their heritage as natives of Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, but also promotes good health and green dyes.
Seeing that the black walnut hull is very dark and stains easily, Little Nut came up with the idea of using the natural dye for tee shirts. The two older nuts joined in and thus was born BLACK WALNUT TEES.
Tricia and Mom, with assistance from Dad  and brother, are the Founding Nuts of  Black Walnut Tees. They received inspiration for their product from the Black Walnut Festival in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, home of the Black Walnut Festival, New River Gorge, Greenbrier Resort, Hawk's Nest State Park and many other wild 'n wonderful places.


Black walnut trees are found in abundance in the eastern United States. They reach a height of 50 to 150 feet and are highly prized for the wood. The fruit of the wonderful black walnut, the nut itself, is enclosed in a husk and is a hard nut to crack. The leaves, inner bark, fruit (nut) and the green husk of the unripe fruit are used as herbal supplements, good for the immune system and thyroid gland, containing natural astringents and bitter compounds and is high in vitamin C.
Thanks! And we hope you enjoy wearing your BLACK WALNUT TEEs items as we had creating them.